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We love it when we can provide our customers with their dream bathroom! That’s why we work with you to design and build exactly what you want. Learn More  And for all your plumbing needs we want to make the process seamless and easy for you.  From a small faucet leak to leaky pipes or hot water heater, we want to make your your experience with us the best it can be.

Mike Leonard has been doing residential plumbing in Hershey, Hummelstown and Palmyra since 1992.  Today you will see our trucks all around the area doing plumbing installations, bathroom remodeling and repairs for residential, office and commercial customers. Learn More

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 Henry Thiesen and his apprentice came out to answer a call I placed when we discovered our basement ceiling raining. I knew where the shut off valve was for the house, but in my moment of panic it was oddly reassuring to see the Mike Leonard's sign on it identifying the shut off (placed there on a previous visit). It was also nice to be able to see your number right on the tag, I did not have to go searching for your number. We held off on the emergency visit because I felt I could find the source of the leak and fix it. By the time your crew came out I felt reasonably assured I had done just that, but I was not positive. Things were not adding up. They very kindly verified that I was correct. They identified the split in the PVC tubing I had changed out and had the answers I needed. I can not tell you how much better I felt just having their explanation. Since they were out to help with the leak situation I asked them to help me on another plumbing project I was working on (unrelated to the leak.) We had just gotten new counters and a sink installed. I was trying to install drains and my old garbage disposal by myself because the price quoted by the Granite people was outrageous. After the unrelated water issues I was a little anxious about the possibility of having more. Henry was personable and knowledgeable. He installed the drains and disposal for me in a little over an hour. It would have taken me all day, much more frustration and (I am sure) trouble with leaks before I finished the project. All told, the cost of their visit was $125 LESS than the price quoted by the granite people- for the whole visit, including the diagnosis of my leak! I LOVE Mike Leonard's plumbing. Henry even showed me how to reattach my garbage disposal. I decided to continue using my old disposal for my new sink. I have a few parts for it (new washer/seal, etc.) on order and they will take a while to arrive. This install is for the meantime. Henry actually took the time to show me what to do and I really appreciated that. In the end, they did not leave until the work was water tight and everything was running smoothly. I was so relieved. They were great guys. Thank you for helping to set everything right!

Happy Client from Hummerstown

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